Meditation Monday: How Yoga Am I? – Trouble with Participation Trophies

I’m going to tell you from the start that this post is a little like a rant, but it’s a necessary unloading of some thoughts and feelings that I need to explore on my path to lead a more yoga life. I encourage your feedback on the issues.

I wrote a series in April about my yoga journey (12 Years of Yoga), but I find that I often stumble along my path to live a more yoga lifestyle. Case in point is the way I was making judgements last week at my son’s gymnastics show. All of the kids (preschool age) did a great job and I didn’t fault any of them on their performance. I’m just kind of over the participation medal being called an “award”.

A similar situation irked me on a run recently. I was going along a usual route one morning when I noticed a sign in a yard. The sign read “Sportsmanship Athlete of the Week”. Why did this get me so riled up? Well, because I’m tired of people giving out awards and recognition for things that we should be doing anyway! Continue reading Meditation Monday: How Yoga Am I? – Trouble with Participation Trophies

Fave Reads Friday: Mind, Body, and Bowl

I may change the name of Fave Reads Friday all together to fit better with the theme of this blog. Tell me what you think. I’m still behind on some reading, so some of these are a little older…..Here are some suggested readings for you to suit your


I’m still working on catching up on my blog roll reading and so this one is a little older, but still great! I totally agree with what Erin’s Inside Job is talking about here in all aspects of our life, it’s also why I hate the term “HEALTHY”.

Let’s Stop Labeling Habits

And another one from the ladies at Fit is a Feminist Issue which I needed to read that will be incorporated into a future TOLT post….

Act Now, Think Later (Guest Post)


Because I’m already working on this area for improving my running and because STEPHANIE is one of my besties! I’ll be changing up my routine again in a few more weeks and some of these moves are ones I’m already doing and some will be subbing in.

Build your Glutes with this Strength Training Routine

and Bowl

Because I’m on a kick to try and figure out what kind of eating works best for me…I enjoyed this article from NASM

Protein for Vegetarian and Vegan Athletes

And I finally finished this book:20160525_152112

The End of Overeating by David Kessler, MD. This is not a diet book by any means, but it does help you understand why diets don’t work and what all is at play in your head and your body while you eat. If you’re not already upset with the food industry, this book will make you furious at the way that (at least in the US) they have such a blatant disregard for what is good for the consumer vs. what is good for business. The book also offers some really great strategies for rethinking the way that you eat although I disagree with a few of their recommendations. First, I never like to demonize foods (and they actually suggest doing that in one section) and second, I feel like food rules can become obsessive (they also address this issue). However, their “Food Rehab” plan is one that I am taking some notes on for working with my clients. I’m a big believer in the many different steps involved in behavior change and in cultivating discipline from within (we’ll talk more about this next month in Meditation Mondays) and this book has some great info and ideas on that topic.


What’s the best thing you read this week?

Want to share something of your own?

Do so in the comments below! I’ll read it!

TOLT: Twitching Hammy, Crappy Running, and “Awards”

Good morning and welcome to another OGB’s TOLT where we’ve joined with Amanda at RWS for some random thoughts. On the agenda today… runs.

  1. First I’ve been running a lot less than planned lately due to scheduling conflicts that I CHOOSE to let get in the way of pre-planned workouts. Remember that your schedule is always your choice and I stand by that statement. That’s why I have been choosing to get up at 7am instead of when my alarm goes off at 630am or even when I used to run at 530am…..
  2. But maybe I need to reconsider the time of day I’m running again. Because, lately I’m having this issues that many other runners have written about and that’s the “Crappy Run”. You know, that moment when you’re out for a run and getting in the groove of things only to discover you desperately need to use the bathroom! Well, I did a little more reading (check this one out too) yesterday morning and I think that 7am (and maybe even 630am) is too late in the game for me to run. When I was running at 530am I didn’t regularly have this problem, but lately it occurs around 20 minutes in. That doesn’t bode well for completing a 15K in September!
  3. Speaking of, I’ve still not registered for this race due to lack of funds to put toward it at this moment. Would you like to sponsor my entry back into the world of running outside of pushing my kids around the neighborhood? I know that $45 is not that huge of a deal in the big scheme of things, but I didn’t get a Summer II class and I have no workshops for all of August, most of July, and it’s also looking like June too. Plus, no July or August races to work….
  4. What will I be doing with all of that time off? Running of course! And biking more. Did I tell you that I broke out the bike for an awesome ride on Sunday? It was almost 20 miles on a mountain bike….that sounds amazing right? Not so much on the regular road. See, I don’t currently have a road bike, so this is what I’m working with. I didn’t do too terrible (almost 15mph average), but my knees were killing me the next day.
  5. That’s something new for me….knee pain. And yesterday, after my (shortened) run I have been suffering from the NEVER-ENDING twitching hamstring! What is that about? I have stretched and still nothing. Just going to hope to make it through yoga teaching today without looking silly.
  6. And finally, to end on an even number, what is the deal with medals for everyone? My son had his gymnastics spring show on Monday and everyone got a medal. They called it an awards ceremony. That is not “awards”. He did amazing, by the way! He completed at least two events on his own that almost all of the other kids had to be assisted through. I’m so proud. Look, I know that if I finish the race in September…, let’s try that again…..WHEN I finish the race in September I will get a finisher’s medal, but not everyone will finish, so not everyone will get the medal. Also, it’s not considered an “award”. More on this topic on Monday…..

Have a great weekend (if you celebrate the holiday), be safe, and come back tomorrow for some interesting reads!

What are your runs like lately?

Do you have any of these issues?

What are you training for?